Programme 2016-2017

Philip Glass - USA

Saxophone Quartet

Urmas Sisask - Estonia 

Songs in Honour of the Virgin Mary

Nikita Koshkin - Russia  

Changing the Guard


Bryce Dessner - USA



Rachel Grimes - USA

Book of Leaves

Marc Mellits - USA

Quartet (Commissioned for Dublin Guitar Quartet)

Selected Repertoire 

Cuban Landscape with Rain - Leo Brouwer

Cuban Landscape with Rumba - Leo Brouwer

Toccata - Leo Brouwer 

Changing the Guard - Nikita Koshkin 

String Quartet No.2  Company - Philip Glass

String Quartet No.3 Mishima - Philip Glass

String Quartet No. 4 Buczak - Philip Glass

String Quartet No. 5 - Philip Glass

Saxophone Quartet - Philip Glass

The Secret Agent - Philip Glass

White Man Sleeps - Kevin Volans

Electric Counterpoint - Steve Reich 

Music for Pieces of Wood - Steve Reich 

Nagoya Guitars - Steve Reich 

Song for Tony - Michael Nyman

Aheym - Bryce Dessner

Book of Leaves - Rachel Grimes

Six Bagatelles - Gyorgy Ligeti 

Musica Ricercata - Gyorgy Ligeti 

Songs in Honour of the Virgin Mary - Urmas Sisask

Cantate Domino - Arvo Pärt

Pari Intervalo - Arvo Pärt

Summa - Arvo Pärt

The Lamb - John Tavener

Gongon - William Kannengiser

Maga Maga Matsikene - Cyrillus Kreek

Misa Siraset Sirtsuke - Cyrillus Kreek

Chimmurenga - David Flynn


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